Where to go for a Whiskey tasting in TO

June 8, 2016 • 150 Redpath

The summer’s air brings the city of Toronto to life. If you’re like us, you are constantly trying to find things to do outside, whether it is lining up for festivals or endlessly searching for an open patio.  It’s a great time to gather friends for a road trip, or find a new restaurant you’ve never tried. If you’re especially thirsty for something to do, why not try out whiskey tasting? Here’s a list of our favourite whiskey tasting spots in the city:

The Caledonian

Walking into The Caledonian feels like visiting Scotland itself. Located in Little Portugal, the Caledonian is the only Scottish bar in Toronto. The Caledonian is owned by Donna and David Wolffe, and their goal was to bring Scotland to Canada in the form of a pub. Going for a whiskey tasting at this pub is highly recommended, where you can get both a good taste of whiskey and Scotland all in one.

The Emmet Ray

How about one of the oldest whiskey pubs located in Toronto, called the Emmet Ray? It’s considered to be one of the best whiskey bars in Toronto! The name itself is a bit of a mystery, people are unsure if the man “Emmet Ray” ever existed, but some people argue that he did. You can take up this debate with any of the locals at the restaurant, and they are sure to tell you their point of view! You can sit back and relax at the Emmet Ray, where there is live music featured every night. The best part? They have over 240 types of whiskey! They also list all of their available whiskeys on their website, so you can pick and choose before you head on over.

CC Lounge

It’s one thing to try out whiskeys to determine your favourite one, but it’s another to go inside a whiskey tunnel at the CC Lounge! On weekends, the CC Lounge has an historian to guide you through the tunnel and teach you all about whiskey, where it came from, how it was developed, and fun facts about where it got its name. The inspiration for the tunnel comes from a secret passageway built by Hiram Walker, the founder of Canadian Club Whiskey!

The Feathers Pub

Opening up in 1981, this British pub is known as the one of the finest single malt whiskey bars in the world. With over a selection of 400 whiskies, picking one out may get a little tough. The Feathers Pub has designed a “Feathers Whisky Tour” with an introduction to whiskies you definitely need to try out first. Haven’t convinced you yet? The restaurant also does special events where you can take your friends and enjoy a private tasting to yourselves!

Whiskey Grain Exploration Experience

If you’re not interested in a sit down restaurant atmosphere, why not try out the Whiskey Grain Exploration Experience at the Toronto Distillery! The tour gives you a closer look into each whiskey and how it is made. The tour is designed to make you feel like an expert when you walk out of there, knowing which whiskeys you do and do not like. They also offer a custom blend whiskey barrel kit, where you can make your own whiskey right at your home!

What whiskey tasting have you tried out in Toronto? Tell us about it on Twitter!

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