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December 4, 2015 • Y&E Life

If you’re looking for a workout that will shake up your gym routine then we have just the thing. Meet SURFSET, you may have seen them on Shark Tank before. They give you a chance to work out on a surfboard without actually requiring a beach and we’re lucky to have one in the neighbourhood.

We talked to Alexandra, one of the co-owners over at SURFSET to find out more about it and their winter programming! Check it out:

What makes a SURFSET workout different from your average workout?
SURFSET is so different from any other type of workout because it’s done on an unstable surfboard! The instability of the board mimics the instability of surfing on water and results in a great core workout to tone, tighten & strengthen.

Do you have any classes geared for beginners? Also any tips for beginners?
All of our classes are tough but also suited to all fitness levels. We typically recommend a Balance class as a great start as it’s more yoga-inspired with slower paced moves, thus allowing more time to get comfortable with the board. Best tip is come ready to have fun and work hard!

What other kinds of classes do you offer?
In addition to our Balance classes we also offer Burn (cardio & core intensive), Build (strength training with weights & resistance bands), Circuit (on & off the board circuits with weights, kettle bells, battle ropes & more!), & Blend classes (a mix of the Balance, Burn & Build).

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What drew you in to working at SURFSET?
When we first discovered SURFSET a year and a half ago, we absolutely fell in love with the concept. We made our vision into a reality by opening our doors in December last year. It’s been such a great ride ever since! We have amazing clients & we get to do what we love – it’s incredibly gratifying!

How long can people expect it to take before they notice results from the surfset workout?
Typically balance improves in as little as 2-3 sessions. When coupled with a balanced healthy diet & regular class attendance, clients can begin seeing strength & toning results in just a few weeks.

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Do you have any special winter programming that we should keep on our radar?
We’re always trying to keep things fresh with specials, themes & even open houses for Charity. If you missed our Movember day, no sweat! We have monthly Karma classes with donations going to WWF. We also have incredible holiday specials for class passes (with SURFSET swag!) and we’ve been known to surprise our clients with hilarious playlists.

And finally, what do you love about the Yonge and Eglinton area?
Yonge & Eglinton is such a great neighbourhood because of how diverse it is. We feel like we’re a part of a big family! We have such great relationships with neighbours & clients that we couldn’t ask for more.

Check out the SURFSET schedule and get more information at

All photos via SURFSET’s gallery.

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