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Summer’s coming to an end which means your fitness routine is probably coming to its annual slowdown. Maybe? Well, you don’t have to admit it right now.

Being able to run and exercise outdoors in the warm weather is so nice but we all know that doesn’t last all year ‘round here in Canada. This year, instead of boring yourself with a typical gym routine a few times a week why not try out a class? A spin class, to be exact. One of the best spots for spinning in the city is just down the street from us and we highly recommend you give them a shot.

Ultimate Athletics is a small gym owned by Paula Ryff and Vlad Radanovic. As their website states, this pair is dedicated to helping their clients achieve their true potential, and it shows. Since it’s a smaller gym, you can tell how personal and comfortable the atmosphere is, making it a really desirable spot to workout in the city. The problem with most big gyms is that they often come off as intimidating or impersonal. This is certainly not the case at Ultimate Athletics.

Photo via Ultimate Athletics Facebook Page

Photo via Ultimate Athletics Facebook Page

Now let’s get to the spinning, shall we? They’ve got a state-of-the-art studio filled with 35 bikes, and not to mention a 4,400 watt sound system that blasts awesome tunes during your workout to keep the energy high and keep you motivated. The trainers are great and make sure you get a full body workout during their classes.

If you want to try it out before committing to a membership they’ve got a few different levels of class packages you can try. Attending one class will run you $20, or you can try 5 classes for $95 or 10 classes for $180. Their spin classes run multiple times a day throughout the week, so it’s easy to fit into your schedule too.

Photo via Ultimate Athletics Facebook Page

Photo via Ultimate Athletics Facebook Page

If you’re into trying out a mix of classes, we highly recommend seeing all the other choices they have as well – everything from Ultimate Kettlebell to Ultimate Kickboxing and Ultimate Abs and A**. Yup.

Let us know what you think. Happy spinning!

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