Prepare & Reward Yourself with this Two-Bedroom Unit

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When you’re thinking about buying a condo, there’s a pretty good chance you’re also thinking about the future. Who you’re planning to live with (or if you’re planning to live alone) will be the ultimate decision maker on what type of unit you purchase.

The unit we’re highlighting today is perfect for those of you are going to live with a significant other/fiance/husband/wife and are thinking about what could come down the line in a few years. Yes, we mean kids.

Planning ahead and buying a two bedroom unit is a great idea if you’re planning to grow your family and in the mean time you can take advantage of the extra room to create a space of your own. Booyah! Sure, you could make it a guest bedroom, but that’s no fun for you, right? Here’s a few ideas on what you could turn the second bedroom into for the time being:


Love working at home? Or just love having a desk to sit at while you’re browsing the net? Having a home office can be awesome, mostly because you can design and decorate it the way you want to make the work environment a lot more comfortable and maybe even more motivational. Also, some people get a rush from buying office supplies. It’s just a fact.


Photo via Matthew H on Flickr

There’s nothing like curling up with a great book in a big comfy chair – amirite? Picture this: floor to ceiling shelving filled with all your favourite books and a few super comfortable spots to perch yourself. Having a home library is one of those things we all think would be great to have but never have the space. Now you do!

Photo via emdot on Flickr

Photo via emdot on Flickr

TV Room
Addicted to Netflix? Or just addicted to reruns of Gilmore Girls? You can keep your living room television-free by turning the second bedroom into a TV room. Again, picture a big comfy couch and a sweet flat screen TV to watch your favourite shows or movies. Sounds good to us!

Aside from having some extra space, there are other perks to this unit including having two full bathrooms – one of which is conveniently off of the master bedroom – and depending on what floor you’re on, the option of an awesomely big wraparound balcony. Not only is there a ton of room in this 794 square foot unit to sprawl out, but it will allow you to grow your family comfortably. It’s a win-win choice!

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