Overheard on the Redpath Terrace…


Well, it’s just another day in the life of our Redpath tenants living it up on our amenities terrace. Let’s tune in and see what they’re up to today: Overheard2.jpg

Suzy: Listen Bernard, I think you should be –

Bernard: I know what I’m doing. Do you think I’ve never handled a barbeque before?

Suzy: I just — you’re just — URGHHH.

Bernard: Suzy, this isn’t the first time I’ve made a chocolate bar salad before, alright.


Candice: Think I should tell them to keep it down? They’re really killing my meditation and believe me when I say, after the day I’ve had at work, I need it!

Leslie: No, no. They’ll stop in a minute. Their food is probably almost finished.

Candice: Okay, fine.

*10 minutes go by*

Leslie: So, mind if I ask what happened at work today?

Candice: No, no it’s alright. I just – oh god it was terrible – I mean, I didn’t get my lunch break and I think someone has been stealing my pens. Like, seriously, who steals a pen? Ugh and my boss was just going on and on and on about weekly sales reports…

*Leslie picks up her towel and water bottle and leaves*


Kathy: See Carl, I told you plastic underpants melt.

Carl, I’m not Satisfied yet. Ryan, can I borrow your shoes?

Ryan: What for?

Carl: For Science, Ryan. Jeez, stop being such a wet blanket.

Ryan Okay, you’re not going to throw these in the fire pit are you? Because they’re my only pair.

Carl: Come on, Would I do something like that? Kathy, hand me the lighter fluid.

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