Lace up! It’s Time for a Fun Run


Who doesn’t like switching up their workout routine every once in a while?

Over the past few summers an influx of what people like to call ‘fun runs’ have taken over the world of marathon running, especially here in Toronto. They’re great for less experienced runners or people who just want to get a bit more entertainment out of their 5K. If this kind of thing sparks your interest, there are a ton of awesome fun runs happening this summer that you can still register for. Most of them take place just outside of the city, which is fine, because where else are you going to set up a 5K race full of obstacles, mud, foam, and other obscenities?

Here are five runs that are on our radar this year.

Tough Mudder
If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to roll around in some dirt, you should check out Tough Mudder. It’s notorious for being difficult but think about how awesome you’ll feel when you come out on the other side! This year the race is on August 15th and 16th at Mount St. Louis Moonstone (about an hour and half outside of the city).

Run or Dye
Feel like getting blasted with bright pink powder? Run or Dye is a 5K run where you’ll get covered in colour at six different stations along the course. The date for Toronto is still TBD for this summer but keep your eyes peeled. Pro tip for this one: wear white.

Electro Dash
This rave run is more of a party than anything. Picture 5K worth of lasers, bright lights, and glow sticks. It happens after dark (obviously) and you can expect to stick around for a bit of fun afterwards. The Electro Dash is on August 29th this year at Downsview Park.

Prison Break
No, this isn’t a Shawshank Redemption remake. The Prison Break run is a 5K or 7.5K sprint (you’re choice) in which you’ll pass through about 20 to 40 obstacles along the way. Every runner starts with 3 flags on their belt, and much like flag football there are people or “guards” along the way trying to take them from you. If you finish the race with at least one flag left, you’ll get a clean t-shirt and a beer. Sounds good to us! This race is on June 27th this year.

Foam Fest
Foam Fest is taking place in Uxbridge this year and is another messy 5K run. There will be foam (obviously), mud, sweat, and hopefully no blood or tears. You’ll have to make your way through about 20 obstacles which include mud pits, slip and slides, and foam pits. The organizers like to call it a ‘challenging’ course rather than a ‘hard’ one, if that makes you feel better. The registration price keeps going up, so book soon! It’s on July 11th.

Photo via Kevin Cortopassi on Flickr


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