Our Brand Spankin’ New Sales Centre Art!


If you haven’t had the luxury of visiting our sales centre that’s currently decked out with some brand spankin’ new artwork, you’re missing out. We recently gave our model suite a revamp using artwork from PI Fine Art, a Toronto-based gallery whose artwork is out of this world awesome! The company was founded in 1976 and has been an industry leader in fine art products ever since, with their repertoire including original art, limited edition giclées, custom art, sculpture, wall decor and custom mirrors.

We got to catch up with Samantha of PI Fine Art to find out a bit more about who they are and what they do:DSC_0424

How would you describe the style of artwork you sell?

Our clientele is diverse and ranges from retail to hospitality, therefore our goal has always been to sell approachable artwork for this vast demographic. Our collection highlights original art from local Canadian and American contemporary artists as well as an extensive online collection of custom printable art with an inventory of over 400 artists. You can find everything from traditional to contemporary subject matter in our collection but if you are still not content, we also offer consulting for customizable art projects. Our favourite motto is “we are art”.


How did you decide on which pieces to showcase in our sales centre?

There are many considerations that go into selecting custom-made art for an interior space. 155 Redpath was a unique project because the demographic touring the sales centre is diverse and ideally we wanted to find pieces that connect with each client who walks through. Another challenge was to find art that stands out but doesn’t detract from the innovative, clean, and airy environment. We wanted the cohesive relationship between the art and interior to be noticed but not obvious.


Do you often lend out your art like this? Or do you display most of it in your own gallery?

Our usual consignment process involves clients trying out pre-made art from our showroom in their intended space. 155 Redpath was PI’s first consignment project where the art was completely customized for the sales centre and I am so thrilled how everything turned out! Though much of our art and décor is showcased in our 20,000 square foot showroom, we have a huge inventory of custom printable art which can be accessed through our website.


What’s your favourite piece hanging in our sales centre right now? Is there a great story behind it?

My favourite piece in the sales centre is definitely Michel Keck’s ‘Northern Shore’ hanging in the living room above the couch. I love the energy in this piece and find that it perfectly emanates the dynamism that Toronto exudes. It perfectly complements the pops of colour in the 155 Redpath design and effortlessly unites all of the artwork throughout the model condo. Originally this piece was not included in the selection for the sales centre because at the time the artist was not part of our collection, but once we acquired Keck’s work, it was no question that it had to be made part of the series.



Their showroom is open to the public and provides a one-stop shop for all your home design needs. All the pieces on display in our sales centre are up for sale too, so, come stop by and say hi!

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