5 People You Always Spot at Yonge & Eglinton

Jason Gordon Photography

Sometimes Yonge & Eglinton is its own little world. Anyone who has lived or worked in the area knows that there’s a certain type of person that graces our awesome neighbourhood with their presence. You’ve probably seen them around more than a handful of times, or maybe you are one of them – who knows.

Anyway, next time you’re in the neighbourhood keep your eyes peeled for these 5 kinds of people you see at Yonge & Eglinton: Continue reading…

5 Rooftops to Spend the Summer on

The Patio Launch at Cube.Photo by

We’re here to share a little secret with you: rooftops are in.

Nothing beats escaping the busy city streets, grabbing a drink, some sun, and kicking back with some friends after a long work week, or heck, after a long work day. Aside from basking in the heat of summer, whether it’s a rooftop patio or pool, 10 out of 10 times you’ll get a pretty sweet view of the city too. Continue reading…

Lace up! It’s Time for a Fun Run


Who doesn’t like switching up their workout routine every once in a while?

Over the past few summers an influx of what people like to call ‘fun runs’ have taken over the world of marathon running, especially here in Toronto. They’re great for less experienced runners or people who just want to get a bit more entertainment out of their 5K. If this kind of thing sparks your interest, there are a ton of awesome fun runs happening this summer that you can still register for. Most of them take place just outside of the city, which is fine, because where else are you going to set up a 5K race full of obstacles, mud, foam, and other obscenities?

Here are five runs that are on our radar this year. Continue reading…

Fall Finds at the Drake General Store

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 4.56.18 PM

The Drake General Store is probably one of the coolest stores you’ll find around Toronto, so it makes total sense that they’ve got a location at Yonge and Eglinton. If you’ve ever popped into their shop before, you’ll know that they bring in some of the most funky, unique, and trendy products around that would make any new home look like a million bucks. Since fall is here now, we thought we’d pay the store a visit and see what sweet items they’ve got lined up for the season. These are a few of our faves. Continue reading…

Redpath INshape: Ultimate Athletics


Summer’s coming to an end which means your fitness routine is probably coming to its annual slowdown. Maybe? Well, you don’t have to admit it right now.

Being able to run and exercise outdoors in the warm weather is so nice but we all know that doesn’t last all year ‘round here in Canada. This year, instead of boring yourself with a typical gym routine a few times a week why not try out a class? A spin class, to be exact. One of the best spots for spinning in the city is just down the street from us and we highly recommend you give them a shot. Continue reading…